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  • MemorizeMyLines
    Live Project

    I created this project because I wanted to explore some additional line memorization techniques for a play I was performing. It was originally a few basic scripts that would read a text file and write a text file with my character's lines manipulated. After I realized how useful it was, I altered it to work with any character, and to output html files that could be viewed by non-technical users. Within a few weeks, every member of the cast was using it. After the play finished, I decided to target some public domain plays (namely Shakespeare) and get things configured so that the project could remain available and useful to anyone that wants to use it.

    ZIO - The entire scraping and transformation process happens as a composite ZIO monad.

    ScalaTags - For generating the final script variations for user consumption

    Scala Scraper - For parsing the html scripts so helpfully provided by MIT *[LINK HERE]*

  • Traffic Simulator
    Live Emboutiellage Project
    This project was spurred by curiosity about "phantom" traffic jams, when you are stuck in traffic wondering what horrible wreck caused it, only to mysteriously break through and realize there was no obvious cause.

    ScalaJS -Generates all the html, attaches event handlers, runs the simulation

    ScalaTags - For creating the elements and layout.

    scala.rx For tracking UI changes and updating the simulation.

    scaladget To draw the full svg representation of the simulation.

  • N-body Star Formation
    GitHub Repository
    This is my main, most long-lived, personal project. I have been contributing with varying intensity over the last 7 years. Once when I was trying to get my 1st real job, right out of school. 2 years later when I wanted to re-visit it with Git and some reasonable software project knowledge. And 5 years later, after moving to CB, switching jobs, experimenting with multiple languages, getting into functional programming, and generally getting deeper into software.

    OpenGL For all basic graphics operations

    Boost For multi-dimensional arrays. Was also using their smart pointers before upgrading to C++17

    Portable Games Library Provides the UI components for controlling the simulation

    LibJpeg For outputting images that are eventually stitched together into a video

  • Some presentation slides
    Live Project
    This site serves as a repository of presentations on technical topics. I was sick of creating Powerpoint presentations that were only available locally, and eventually lost to old machines, harddrives, etc. There are several, scattered presentations that I've done in other formats that need to be converted. This will be painful, but moving forward, all my information will be easily re-used or referenced, since it will just be human-readable source code.

    HugoFor overall site theme

    RevealJSTo control slide appearance & behavior

  • Bionic Body Fitness
    Live Site
    I built this site for a local business owner that wanted a web presence for their gym. This was my first project using Hugo, Netlify, and AWS Lambdas.

    GoImplement the logic to be executed inside AWS

    HugoFor overall site theme

    StripePurchase Gym Memberships and Punchcards